Brexit Central Writer Misses The Point!

I have recently had a lot of interesting information sent me by Brexit Central, and at the weekend I got more.

Among it was a well-written, largely sensible, article by a man named Max Titmuss, of whom I know nothing, but in the midst of his piece I read this.

the simple task of extricating the United Kingdom from a trading bloc has been turned into a Sisyphean task by our political class.

Mr. Titmuss was lamenting the obstructionist antics of the Westminster Wallies, but by describing the Brussels Empire as ‘a trading bloc,‘ he skews everything.




Because the Remainiac obstructionist antics are not motivated by concerns about ‘customs unions’ or allegedly chlorinated chickens.

The Europhiliacs in Parliament are not just wrong, they are the Enemy Within…



…who wish to subordinate the United Kingdom to a Continental power.

The EUSSR is emphatically NOT ‘a trading bloc.’

If it were, I wouldn’t detest it with every fibre of my being. 

The EU is an authoritarian supranational entity with a limitless hunger for power.

It already interferes in aspects of British life that are not remotely connected with trade, notably its outrageous diktat on the death penalty. Not to mention this week’s thrilling instalment, the diktat on appointment of “Britain’s Commissioner,” who in any case will be sworn NOT to represent Britain.

There are also its efforts to bull-doze the wise media and court reforms in Poland, its proxy war on decent values, using tax-payers’ cash to fund extremist ‘NGOs’… ..



…and its refusal to defend Europe from alien incursions or even to expel the million-plus free-loading fake-‘refugees’ who have flooded in since 2015.

We all want to Get Britain Out, but more than that…

…we want to see the European Union DESTROYED!