Will Bojo Buckle To Brussels Again?

Die Fuhrerin demands…


The migration crisis is like the euro crisis because the solution is for member states to cede more power to the EU, Germany’s defence minister has said.   Germany: Refugee crisis is like euro crisis


As if the ‘EU’ didn’t have more than enough power already!


The European Commission brought legal action against Britain for breaking its EU treaty obligations on Thursday, after Boris Johnson rejected its demands to name a new commissioner to serve in Brussels.

The commission said it would kickstart a process that could end with Britain sued in the European Court of Justice and subjected to huge, daily fines, unless it complies or leaves the EU before the case reaches the EU..

…but will Bojo bow down!?!




Appointing a Commissar to ‘represent’ the UK is the latest diktat facing Britain, and the EUSSR is actually SUING to make It happen.

Johnson has said he won’t, in accordance with standard practice of not making such international/diplomatic appointments during election campaigns, because, reasonably enough, a new government might get elected, which should not be saddled with the old government’s appointee…


European commissioners are not meant to represent their countries and swear an oath to act independently and in the general interest of the EU.


….who would not, of course, represent Britain – it’s been made crystal clear that Commissioners, by their oath ( which they MUST take) which REQUIRES them to put the EU before their own nation’s interests.

So will Bojo buckle, do the bidding of Die Fuhrerin…

bow down


….or will he stand up for Britain?

He’s not without a weapon, should he choose to do the honourable thing.

While any ‘UK’ Commissioner would become an overnight collabo, as required by that oath, the EU Council, in legal theory, gives national governments a say, and a British Government with guts could create HAVOC at that level.

With sufficient resolve – that’s the question, of course! – Boris Johnson could wield the UK veto on EVERY issue that comes before that council, a real spanner in the works…


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…bringing the Brussels Empire to near enough a grinding halt.

But Bojo has nowhere near enough guts to do that.

Does he?

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