Go For It, Greenshirts! A Real Aussie Fight-Back!

They get a pat on the back from me, but I fear the BBC producers responsible for a programme I saw yesterday may find their jobs at risk for providing an unexpected impartiality in their approach to the fine Oz farmers putting up resistance to the Climate Panic crowd.


Farmers gathered in Townsville to protest the state government's proposed reef regulations.

Farmers fighting back in Queensland



After all, there have been more than just a few straws in the wind suggesting that BBC bias exists not just on crimmigration but also against climate dissenters.


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Even in this current month, the tax-funded UK broadcaster has some nonsense about ‘climate defenders’ and that is not a focus on long johns!

However, listening to Martin Bella, the burly organiser of the Greenshirt movement…

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….I could see why even journalists might find it hard to play dirty on the guy.


Green Shirts Movement organiser Martin Bella fired up the 300-strong crowd.


He comes across as a pleasant, articulate chap.

And judging from the response of the audience at the meeting he addressed while the BBC was filming, most people respond as I did to his message.

Even more surprising was the appearance of a very knowledgable scientist, and the admission, on air, by the BBC – really! – that the man had been fired from his job as a punishment for challenging the in-crowd consensus!


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Professor Peter Ridd, who won an unfair dismissal case against his former employer James Cook University for speaking out about the reliability of the science being used regarding reef health…


This is exactly what is required, not just in Australia, but everywhere.

What a great pity that there has not yet arisen in the UK some similar movement, ready to tackle head-on the vicious Stinkos…whose anti-social essence was so perfectly captured in the photo of the violent slug kicking at London commuters in Canning Town Tube Station.


BTW, has the swine been identified yet?

I’m sure a lot of people would love to make contact!

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