Ingrate Aliens Spurn Greek Monks’ Housing Offer ‘Too Isolated!’

So many of these vile ingrates calling themselves ‘refugees’ deserve a hefty boot on their alien asses delivered with enough oomph to propel them all the way back to their cess-pools of origin!

Happily I had just partaken of a lovely Jakarta lunch of perkadel, rice, telur puyuh and pare when I read this report…



…had I digested the measure of the migrant slugs’ arrogance beforehand, my appetite would have been affected.

The kindly Greek Orthodox monks at the Monastery of Poretsou had offered to take in some of the single-parent families from the Moria camp, where many of the residents are little more than wild beasts…


Predators and Child Molestors

….making life hell for nearby Greeks and where even ‘migrant’ women and kids are often molested by predatory ‘asylum-seekers…’

Thieving Crimmigrant Ingrates Provoke Riot in Greece

But no matter the lodgings on offer must have been infinitely safer than anywhere else, the insolent moochers turned it down!

The single-parent families came, saw and left….

“Better in Moria,”

…they reportedly said after taking a short look into the isolation and “exile” of the area, and felt the cold temperatures.

So ‘isolation’ is more off-putting than proximity to predators?

What kind of mothers can these bitches be?

And if they dislike winter weather, best they sod off home!

However, the surly sows had yet more grouses to air!

Some complained about the very small space available.

Those damn monks!


Image result for five star room images

Would the sullen sows turn their snouts up at an ‘isolated’ room like this?


How dare they keep the five-star spacious specials for themselves!

There were local people assembled outside, ready to protest, no doubt well-informed about how the UN insists on pretending that hulking young men are ‘children,’ as in the suspect specimens Amber Rudd irresponsibly imported without age-checks when she was UK Home Secretary.

Apparently there were ’50-60 people, mothers with small or teenage children from Somalia, Sudan, Congo, Iraq and a few from Syria..

‘They returned to the buses and left for “unknown destinations,” local media reported.



Only five women with four children from Syria and Iraq were convinced to take advantage of the opportunity and stay in the Monastery…’

So only five out of 50 were actually mothers who care for their kids?

The others, as I said at the beginning of these observations, are a damned disgrace.



The rule should be that if the ingrates refuse any offer, then their destination should be the nearest sea-port or airport, where they should be loaded aboard the next departure for the homeland where they can astonish their fellow-citizens with their account of how they affronted their gracious Greek hosts!