‘Last Christmas?’ If A Guardian Snob Dislikes It, Let’s Go Watch!

I like going to the movies, not every week but when there’s something worth a look.

My Wallow In The Swamp of Moral Depravity!

…that was me watching ‘Sniper,’ after mocking  how pinko twits failed to appreciate it –


A good action film, a spy story, Westerns – that’s my preferred fare, but if you’re taking an Indonesian and she revels in the local horror or plain silly romantic stuff…

Torrents Of Tears! London Love Story 3 

…no worries.

In contrast, the kind of movies that win awards at the Cannes Film Festival would make me nod off or walk out.

Can It, Cannes-Lefts! 


Creeps – “Good Acting” Not Enough To Earn Acting Award! 


Cannes 2019: jury speaks out against ‘rage and anger’ of populist politicians

Jury president Alejandro González Iñárritu takes aim at Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant policies…

They’re made by elitists for elitists, as we have noted in the past.

Elitists, it goes without saying, look down on normal people and on the films normal people enjoy. They never had a good word to say for John Wayne….

Image result for john wayne green berets"

….and I doubt they would even think about entering a cinema showing the late Charles Bronson’s mostly great Death Wish series, or Bruce Willis’s more recent version…


Image result for death wish film"

I’m moved to comment thus as a result of reading the Guardian – a news medium which exemplifies elitism – in which ‘Last Christmas,’ –  the current Festive Season special – is lambasted by some dork whose name I’ve never seen before and forgotten already, as ‘a schlockfest…’




I assume that is some sort of American slang, meaningless to the average non-American, but Dorko graciously explains its meaning –

The film ‘is bad. Oh, it’s bad!’

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Who says?

Why Dorko, of course, and his fellow Guardian dorks, but…

…and this is the thing…NOT Mr.and Mrs. Normal Brit.

Nor indeed by their counterparts in the USA.

In its first week of release, it has knocked Joker, the first film in a decade to hold the No 1 spot for six weeks, off the top spot at the UK box office.

And it’s doing very well across the pond too.

So it’s actually NOT bad, but in fact very good, self-evidently, because the man and woman in the street reach into their pockets and purses and pay for tickets to watch it.

Dorko knows this. He writes that

 audience opinions differ greatly from those of critics. Its user score on Rotten Tomatoes is currently 81% (against a 48% critics’ score)….  

In other words, Dorko has been talking rot.  

His opinion is worth neither more nor less than anyone else’s.

In fact, it might not be unfair to say that the opinions of ‘critics’ are worth less than normal folks’ opinions, because critics allegedly get to watch for free – with free drinks and snacks to boot!

Fancy-pants free-loaders!

Predictably, Dorko doesn’t allow for the fact, that with 81% saying good against 48% not, the dorks of this world might just be wrong.

Far from it!

But it is bad. It is not only one of the worst films of the year, it’s possibly one of the worst films … ever?’


I shall try to make time this coming week to go and see it – if Dorko thinks it’s bad, it must be good!