Allons, Tous Le Jours! Fire The Moron!

One learns something new every day, and this week I have learned that a posh cake store named Tous Les Jours is ‘South Korean,’ or so the Jakarta Post tells us.

Why a French name?

Lord knows, but mention of The Lord brings us to His Big Day, namely Christmas, and that’s why the cake store’s in the news this month, when people are preparing to celebrate the major Christian holiday.

It’s a weird story, for the store is not located in some benighted village in Aceh Province but in one of Jakarta’s glitziest malls, Pacific Place.

Yet there appeared therein a nasty notice blaring Islamist bigotry  – that it would ‘reject requests for Christmas greetings to reportedly obtain halal certification.’

However, one’s natural disgust at such news fast became confusion….

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….for the Islamic authority responsible for such ‘certification,’ the MUI, quickly dissociated itself from any such sectarian nonsense – and the head office of Tous Les Jours also disowned the notice – it was not an “official policy issued by the management.”

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The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), which is in charge of conducting the halal assessment, however, claims no companies were asked to refuse to write holiday greetings of faiths other than Islam to gain halal status.

So the MUI didn’t require the store to indulge in crass bigotry, and the company’s bosses didn’t either?


Unfortunately, sometimes, a lot of these stories just slither down the drain of public amnesia and nobody is held to account.

I used to try to keep attention focused on the scandal of businesses collaborating with fanatics, as in the shameful way Gramedia worked hand-in-glove with, yes, the MUI, in its notorious book-burning…


…but nobody here gave a tinker’s cuss, or if they did, they never organised a well-deserved boycott of the book-burning media magnates.

On this occasion, however, it shouldn’t be hard to nail the moronic individual who authorised the notice.

I hope all the media attention doesn’t melt away, not until the SOB is identified and fired.