Who Let That Primitive Pakistani Into Holland?

There’s a rather good judge in The Netherlands, named Van Steen.

I say ‘rather good’ because when he sentenced a filthy Pakistani savage named Jaunid to 10 years in prison for plotting to murder Geert Wilders, the judge gave the primitive a longer sentence than the prosecution had asked for!

Ten years is not bad, though I’d have been even more enthused had the brute been put away for life.

There are too many savages in  civilised countries who harbour backward notions that ‘blasphemy’ merits punishment.



Anyone who thinks it deserves death should be booted out.

There’s no place for such in Europe or North America or Australasia.

I found the story in a local media outlet here in Indonesia…


…where, sadly, the ‘blasphemy law’ is still extant, and people found guilty are punished harshly.

Jackboot! Woman Jailed For Complaint About Mosque Noise! 


…though at least not subject to capital punishment.

But let’s stick to the Western world today!

Teaching violent sectarians a lesson is important, but even more  importantly, there’s a lesson for civilised people to learn – such creatures should never have got into The Netherlands in the first place!



The same goes for that Afghan swine, ‘identified only as Jaweed S,’ who was convicted of stabbing two American tourists in Amsterdam Central Station, leaving one of his victims wheel-chair-bound.

The pig was shot during capture but unfortunately was not shot dead.

“He never showed remorse during his trial, repeatedly saying that he would return to doing the same thing if his religion was insulted,” the judge said…

 https://m.detik.com/news/internasional/4746281/tikam-2-turis-amerika-di-amsterdam-pria-afghanistan-dibui-26-tahun. ….and sentenced the foul creature to 26 years.

Not bad…

…but such a pity there’s no death penalty.

But AGAIN, the real issue is WHY was the satanic savage in Holland at all?

Why is there no vetting of ‘migrants,’ of so-called ‘refugees,’ of ‘asylum-Seekers,’ of all people from all countries, but especially from lands where civilisation is thin on the ground, like Afghanistan, like Pakistan… …

In the USA during the Cold War, and maybe still today, who knows, anyone wishing to enter any port or airport, or land border, as far as I know, had to answer a key question -on membership of the Communist Party.



Communism then was the perceived enemy.

Nowadays, jihadism is the foremost foe of all free societies.

All who would gain entry to Holland, or to Britain, America, Germany, Australia, etc. MUST be subjected to INTENSE interrogation…

…to ascertain if they hold barbaric views on punishing ‘blasphemy’ or similar demented credos.