Tory No To LibDem ‘Alien Votes’ Plan – But Aliens Will Still Be Voting

l see from Brexit Central that the Liberal Democrats’ manifesto declares that EU citizens who have lived in the UK for five years or longer should have the right to stand for office and vote in all UK elections and referendums…



…and that is of course absurd.

Living here in Indonesia for more than two decades, I would no more expect the right to vote than I would in anyone’s else’s country…



…because although I love Indonesia, I am NOT Indonesian.

The Labour Party is just as bad as the LibDems…


Labour vows to give EU nationals vote in UK general elections


…worse, extending the nonsense to include not just EUSSR citizens but ‘third-country’ nationals too.


But, as far as I can tell, the Tories are abhorring the outrageous suggestion.


I imagine they’d say that, just because we may like and respect Danish and French and Polish people, they are NOT British and thus have no right to intrude on decisions that British people take about how Britain is run, any more than, for example non-Poles should think to meddle with how Poles, for example, organise their courts.


ECJ Robed Rogues Extend A Helping Hand To Red Vermin! 


To behave otherwise is arrogant hubris, exemplified of course by the Euro-Commissars who aspire to emulate Hitler’s aggressive interference in peaceful democratic nations.


So Labour and the LibDems are entirely in harmony with the hubris that enevelopes Brussels and Strasbourg.

The Tories are not…or rather not quite.

Because while the Tories may not wish to let Swedes, Germans, Belgians etc., vote in UK elections and referenda…

Who Gets To Vote? Eire Aliens, But NOT Expat Brits! 


 “It would also mean EU nationals in the UK enjoy wider voting rights than UK nationals in any other country….”

…says Johnson…

“Citizenship requirements are the norm in national elections in democracies, including in the United Kingdom.”

…the very SAME Tories are more than happy to acquiesce in the outlandish situation whereby citizens of a foreign republic, which, unlike ANY other country in the Brussels Empire, unlike any other country in the world…

(here’s where I reveal that I cheated. I didn’t give you Johnson’s full quote – here it is, unclipped. . “It would also mean EU nationals in the UK enjoy wider voting rights than UK nationals in any other country other than Ireland.”

NB ...’other than Ireland.’ By ‘Ireland’ he presumably means Eire, which is not of course “Ireland!” The former is a foreign power, the latter a geographical expression.) 


Image result for evil irishman


…has a history of hostility, and an expansionist agenda, aimed SOLELY at the United Kingdom.

It’s nothing new, but only this month we encountered this rabid, arrogant attitude yet again, when Eire’s deputy prime minister, the far-from-simple Simon Coveney, started (continued) laying down the law to Britain…


Image result for simon coveney"

“This is very concerning. There is no statute of limitations, no amnesty, for anyone who committed crimes in Northern Ireland.”

…, oblivious to the irony of a Dublin minister whining about people ‘getting away’ with offences when his own grubby little country allowed the scummiest IRA/Sinn Fein murder gangsters to escape justice for years and years and years.