Brussels Aims To Save Sectarian Pigs From Abattoir – And Bojo?

Excellent news from Dhaka, where a pack of Islamist pigs have been sentenced to death, for the vicious mass-murder of 22 innocents.


Seven Islamists To Die For Worst Terror Attack In Bangladesh

Nobody in his or her right mind will dispute the justice on the sensible sentence handed down in Bangladesh.


The European Union is the leading institutional actor and largest donor in the fight against death penalty worldwide.

But that ‘right mind’ category obviously excludes the Brussels Commissars, who have striven time and again to save the vilest vermin, all over the world, from getting proper pay-back for heinous crimes.

Nothing in that can be construed as news.

BUT…what will Bojo do?


The UK is trapped in the EUSSR till at least next year.

Any action taken, before the eagerly awaited executions, by Fuhrerin Leyen and her Comrade Euro-Commissars…


….to rescue the Islamist swine from Dhaka’s Death Row, will be taken in the name of EVERY member state, including Britain’s.

Will Johnson, if he’s still PM, speak up, as Brits would want him to, and disown the effete EU stance?

My best guess is he won’t.

He’s all mouth and trousers, sans backbone!