Stand Firm, Japan – Keep ‘Em Locked Up!

Not often we cover news from Japan…

….but a report that about ‘10 foreigners detained at an immigration facility in Osaka have staged a hunger strike to protest their protracted detention’ has us asking if these uppity illegals will see it through long enough to relieve the Japanese tax-payers of the burden of housing and feeding them.

The arrogance and dishonesty ( or self-delusion) of these crimmigrants certainly matches that shown in Western countries, where many such uppities similarly do not understand the truth, that..




The insolent illegals are ‘demanding that more goods be available for purchase within the facility and medical services improved, in addition to urging Japan to stop long detention periods and provide specific reasons when provisional release requests are denied.’

Who the Hell do these people think they are?

Well, one of them is either an idiot or a bare-faced liar!

A Ugandan man in his 40s, who has been detained for more than two years, spoke to a Kyodo News reporter on Wednesday, saying, “We are not criminals but are simply seeking freedom.”


You are not ‘seeking freedom.’ You have barged into somebody else’s homeland, you have no legal right to be there, so, having flouted Japanese law, you don’t get to whine about the consequences of your criminality!

The Japanese Justice Ministry ‘points to detention as being a way to keep tabs on foreigners who are in Japan without legal status…’

And the only effective way, surely.

Yet the report quotes crimmigrant ‘supporters,’ – including, of course, ‘lawyers’, who again remind me of that Robin Williams anecdote…


…who are seriously trying to ‘argue it should be limited to short periods before deportation.’

Numbskulls, again!

If they are not kept under lock and key, does the possibility not percolate even into the brain of a leftist lawyer, that they will go walkabout and off the radar, to avoid the deportation they abhor?

Who else but that insolent renegade Italian, Filippo Grandi, U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees…

……would dare scold one of his sticky-beak outfit’s most generous benefactors?

I had planned to cover his insolence in due course, but the news above made me revise these observations.

Japan’s the fifth-largest donor to his UNHCR, showering the swine with $120 million, every year, but Grandi went there recently not to say thanks but to whine because Tokyo ‘used to be the second-largest donor.’


Image result for japan


If I were the Japanese PM, and were composing a response to the impudent UN flunkey, I would, alas, not maintain the traditional politeness for which that nation is known.



Especially after he added insult to injury by, not only issuing grasping demands for more largesse, but by telling Japan to lower its vetting standards to accommodate unacceptable undesirables…


Grandi says that Japan’s approval rate for refugees is “quite low,” and is calling for improvement in its treatment of asylum applicants….Japan’s resettlement quota for refugees increased to 60 per year but the approval rate for asylum seekers remains “quite low compared to other industrialized countries” and the criteria are “quite restricted.”


There are millions in the English-speaking world…

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..,and in Germany, where Grandi stuck his big nose in a while ago..

Sending Afghans home, Grandi said, is a “complex issue,” despite a series of much-publicized attacks by Afghan nationals, like a stabbing in Chemnitz, a rape in a Berlin elementary school this September, and the rape and drowning of a teenage girl in Freiburg in 2016.

…and in France…

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…and Sweden…

…and Spain…

‘Robbery, Attempted Rape?’ 

…and in Grandi’s own homeland…

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…who would dance a jig of joy were their governments to get ‘quite restricted’ about what kind of crimmigrants are accepted as ‘asylum-seekers.’

The report quotes impressive figures that show how much more the Japanese care about the safety of their citizens than Western governments care about theirs., for example, that only 42 out of 16,596 asylum applications last year’ were accepted.

That’s 0.25%; a stunning contrast to mass-migration-muggins Canada, 56.4%, and even Trump’s USA is plainly failing to vet effectively, taking 35.4% of the aliens claiming to be in need of ‘asylum.’

Japan wisely keeps those not yet approved from being in any position to molest or otherwise impinge on its own citizens.

That prudent policy too got them a telling off from Grandi.

Referring to those no-goods in detention there, who have sought to intimidate the government by means of phony ‘hunger strikes’ etc., the over-paid nosey parker told his hosts that it“shouldn’t get to that point.”

Nobody forces the illegals to refuse any meal. If they don’t eat, or drink, they will soon enough be off the Japanese tax-payers’ back.

But I bet the fakers will be slurping and/or scoffing something, just like old Porkahontas did in Canada…

…and as far as I know she is still alive and hefty and whining.