Corbyn’s Kebab Comrade – Spread The Word!

Most of us know that Comrade Corbyn’s friends include scum of the earth like Hamas and Hezbollah.


Not to mention his affinity with Blood-Beast Adams!

But thanks to a local newspaper in the English Midlands, we become wiser still and wiser, about the sort of characters who rejoice in the Little-Lenin-Look-Alike’s friendship.

And even get Labour Party parliamentary nominations!

Ibrahim Dogus, a kebab tycoon and the mayor of Lambeth, was embroiled in a tax evasion probe in 2011 after giving his aunt £11,500 in cash from his restaurant and asking her to take it to Istanbul on a flight from Heathrow.


The money was seized by UK border officials, who found it in satin purses, envelopes and a sock with a zipped compartment. In a court case, Mr Dogus, who is a close friend of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, claimed the money was being sent to Turkey to repay a debt to his brother-in-law.

Read the whole story – it is almost amusing!

But if you live up there, please note there is a Brexit Party candidate named Christian Lucas…

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…who has no such colourful narratives in his background.