Happy Thanksgiving – A Fine Holiday, ‘Based Off….?’

Thanksgiving in Canada falls earlier than America’s, but I had a good turkey n stuffing tuck-in this week to celebrate the USA’s holiday, which is, like Canada’s, an occasion when families come together and…well, you all know what Thanksgiving is!



I was going to include a picture of a turkey but my blog-gallery kept offering photographs of Erdolf-in-Ankara, so I gave up on that!

Unfortunately, a significant number of young Americans, ‘students’ at a ‘private Christian college,’ do NOT know very much at all about what millions of their fellow-citizens are celebrating.

“[Thanksgiving] is kind of just based off of the genocide of indigenous people,” one student told a College Fix reporter. “I don’t think we give thanks on Thanksgiving, we just eat a bunch of food and it’s just a bunch of Capitalist bullshit.”

“Well the whole thing is based off the murder of indigenous people,” another student said.

Watch: Triggered Lefty College Students Say It’s Not Okay To Celebrate Thanksgiving, “Bunch Of Capitalist Bullsh*t”



The crass stupidity and historical ignorance of some of those interviewed is striking, but I, having spent years here in Jakarta teaching young Indonesians to speak English, was almost equally dismayed by their frequent use of the phrase ‘based off,’  when what they meant was ‘based on.’


Is English language competence not a condition of admission to that college?

Oh, and if it’s a Christian college, what about this from Miss Dimwit?

A female student asserted that all America does is “celebrate unethical holidays” and complained about the term “Christmas break.”

Have a wonderful holiday!