Far-Left ‘Charities’ Exposed -Openly Shrilling For Fakers!

This story is NOT about refugees, nor is it about ‘asylum-seekers.’

It’s about 300 aliens who were given every opportunity to establish that they were ‘refugees,’ that they had a legitimate claim to ‘asylum,’ but who FAILED completely to do so.


So how come ‘refugee charities’ have spent outlandish amounts of time, money and energy in a long-drawn-out court battle to prevent these fakers being removed from housing they have no right to occupy.

How come that these shrills denounce a simple decision to remove these parasites as ‘a dangerous precedent?’

Appeal judges at Edinburgh’s court of session refused to overturn a decision made earlier this year by the court’s outer house that Serco’s policy of changing the locks on the homes of refused asylum seekers did not contravene Scottish housing law or human rights legislation. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/nov/13/scotland-high-court-rules-serco-evictions-of-asylum-seekers-lawful

A certain Judith Robertson, of the Scottish Human Rights Commission, wails about “profound consequences for how people’s rights are protected when public services are delivered by private providers.”

Is this woman off her rocker?




What ‘rights’ to unimpeded improper occupation of property allocated for use by genuine ‘asylum seekers’ and/or ‘refugees’ do these lying crimmigrants have?


out with them

Another shrill named McPhail, a lawyer, of course, working for ‘Shelter Scotland,’ emits a baffling bleat viz.

It’s the state that has the statutory obligation to accommodate asylum seekers – if by privatising those services, the state can avoid its obligations under human rights law, this sets a dangerous precedent