Canada’s Vilest Trans-Freak? It’s At It Again!

You may remember our headline, at least, from some months ago…

Petition Against Canada’s Most Revolting Pervert? 

…and I apologise for missing the outcome of the situation I then mentioned.

However, that outcome was satisfactory…

The 32-year-old activist lost a court case in October against aestheticians who refused to wax her genitalia. “Human rights legislation does not require a service provider to wax a type of genitals they are not trained for and have not consented to wax,” the BC Human Right Tribunal said at the time. 


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The tribunal found that Yaniv “engaged in improper conduct” and was “disingenuous” and “self-serving” in her testimony. Yaniv was accused by critics of intentionally targeting immigrant aestheticians to put them out of business. The transgender activist was forced to pay thousands of dollars to each of the three women.

…but while that is all good news…

….and a surprise, given how these idiot ‘rights’ tribunals usually work, the bad news, as reported in the Examiner ( to which  we have supplied the link ) the bad news is that The Thing now plans on filing a new complaint against a gynecologist who she claims refused to serve her.

Read it for yourselves!

It’s informative and well-written, but I do have one criticism.

WHY does the writer call The Thing ‘she?’

It’s an IT!