A Pretty Untruthful Lady From Ukraine!

Did any of you see EuroNews yesterday?

They were interviewing that cute whiner who won the Miss Ukraine contest and was then disqualified for having children.


Veronika Didusenko
Veronika Didusenko


The interviewer had done her home-work and asked Cutey if there was a space on the  application form asking about that issue.

There was, apparently.

And had Cutey tick the box truthfully?

Turns out she hadn’t.


And now she’s suing because her deliberate, self-serving lie was discovered?

I am very partial to lovely ladies, even some of those who lie, of whom there are enough…

…but there are lies and lies.

What a rotten wretch she is!

BTW, she thinks that not only women with children should be allowed to enter – and I have no strong opinion on that – but women of all sizes and shapes too…


…a very intriguing thought!