Just 40 Sectarian Swine Re-Caged? Too Little, Too Late!

Up 40 Islamists released early from terrorism-related sentences are expected to be returned to prison within weeks following the London Bridge attack.The convicted Islamists are among 74 terrorists who were released on licence after serving half their sentences, like Usman Khan who killed two people 10 days ago.

Better to string the b-st-rds up, I hear you say!

But at least some of the swine are back where rabid curs belong.

In a cage!

But if you read the rest of the article, you will see that the release of these treasonous dogs was due to ‘legislation.’

And if you think about how long Cameron and May and now Johnson have been in power, the long Tory years, you may, like me, ask why no amendments were made to this legislation.

You might also ask why May allowed hundreds of formerly active ISIS rape-gang adherents back into Britain, to roam freely, and why some 25,000 known jihadists have not been interned. Her Home Secretaries never acted, nor has Johnson’s, until now.

None of them has ANY excuse.

The UK has a deadly ENEMY WITHIN.

It should be taken OUT!