All eyes on that evil Saudi, welcomed into the USA, who flouted every canon of civilised conduct by turning a gun on his American hosts.



When exactly did he start posting his echoes of Osama Bin Laden?

That’s what happens if you let demonic dastards reside in your country without vetting them thoroughly.

And THAT’S a question that needs to be asked in Berlin too.

I’m not resurrecting the issue of Mama Stasi Merkel’s  dereliction of duty in 2015, when she threw open the gates and unleashed a million aliens on the nation she was elected to look after.



Instead of taking steps to reverse that disaster, when it was made clear how truly disastrous it was, she has instead been conspiring with her Brussels commissar cabal to spread ruin to those who perhaps foolishly imagined were her European ‘partners.’ .

 No, today, let’s just look at the latest news out of Berlin…



….where the Hezbollah terror-gang is operating quite openly through a network of enemy outposts.

Make no mistake, Hezbollah are the Ayatolloahs’ hit-men!


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Nazi salutes from the Ayatollahs’ Hezbollah –  uniformed in Lebanon now – tomorrow in Berlin?


Some 30 mosques and cultural centers in Germany have links to Hezbollah, according to a 2019 Hamburg intelligence agency report.

The Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah uses a center in Berlin as well as other locations across Germany to recruit members and raise funds for terrorism and weapons purchases, according to a report by the Berlin-based Tagesspiegel newspaper.

Tagesspiegel on Saturday published a detailed exposé on how the Lebanese terrorist organization uses Germany for “money generated” illicit activities and those funds are “used for arms purchases and for financing attacks.”

  • Please read the whole article, but note especially the shocking assertion that –

  • Within the capital city of Berlin, “Hezbollah is also allowed to spread propaganda here in the Reuterstrasse, recruit new members, collect donations – and then forward them to Beirut,” Tagesspiegel reported.

  • ..
  • Merkel has so much blood on her hands already.

  • And she is infamous for her collaboration with the terrible tyrants in Tehran.

  • .

    Hasil gambar untuk Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi

    This evil ayatollah ran the oxymoronic ‘Ministry of Justice’ (quaint concept that, justice, in an Islamist despotism) for ten years, till 2009.

    He thus oversaw the execution of something like TWO THOUSAND Iranians.

    Mama Stasi’s Evil Islamist Guest Does A Runner! 


  • Is it not time she was removed from office and action taken to smash these Islamist terror gangs before we see another atrocity of the kind Pensacola suffered last weekend?