And THIS Is What Bojo Will Have Brits Bow Down To?

I was reading about the European Court of Justice recently, how they are doing what some Leftist USA courts have taken to doing, making up the law to suit their own ideology rather than basing rulings on the legislation and the constitution.

The most appalling ECJ misruling was on crimmigrant quotas, as desired by the Brussels Empire’s in-crowd, notably Mama Stasi Merkel.

Although key decisions are supposed to be by unanimous agreement of the member state governments, the robed rats claimed that a qualified majority was enough.

The mechanism actually contributes to enabling Greece and Italy to deal with the impact of the 2015 migration crisis and is proportionate.”

Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó called the court ruling “outrageous and irresponsible” and “contrary to the interests of the European nations, including Hungary.” He added: “The decision puts at risk the security of all of Europe and the future of all of Europe as well.”

Which brings us to Bojo’s fake-Brexit.

Please read and absorb,

Article 86 authorises the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to be the supreme judicial authority over any disputes between the UK and the EU during the Transition Period.

The Transition Period is of course the period of time which would follow the UK’s withdrawal as a member from the EU while it still remains in the Single Market and Customs Union.

The Transition Period is due to end in December 2020 but may be extended (up to December 2022) as long as a joint decision to do so is reached by July 2020.

In other words, even though the UK would have left the EU, it is the EU’s supreme court that would decide any disputes the UK has with the EU including with respect to the WA.

This would enable the EU to interpret the WA to its own advantage with no mechanism for the UK to resist.

Article 87 extends the authority of the ECJ in this respect for a period of 4 years after the ending the Transition Period.

So the earliest that the ECJ would cease holding sway over the UK would be Dec 2024 and possibly Dec 2026.

Article 89 clarifies the full extent of the ECJ’s authority.

It makes it clear that any judgements of the ECJ would be binding on and in the UK.

The European Court of Justice’s pernicious role in the Withdrawal Agreement

Read the whole article above, please!

THEN read this, which confirms the initial part of our post today!

According to the opinion of European Court of Justice’s advocate general Eleanor Sharpston…


evil judge


…the court ruled that “by refusing to comply with the provisional and time-limited mechanism for the mandatory relocation of applicants for international protection, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic have failed to fulfil their obligations under EU law.”

Please note, this arrogant woman is the UNITED KINGDOM’S ‘Advocate General’ with the ECJ.

She is very clearly not on the side of nations trying to protect their citizens from undesirable aliens.


merkel v poles

She is openly allying with Mama Stasi Merkel and the Brussels Empire in its war on the valiant Visegrad nations.

Victory To Valiant Visegrad! Fight The Good Fight! 


While I do not have the constitution of that ECJ to hand, I am willing to wager that, like the Euro-Commissars, that gang of robed rogues take an oath of office always to place “Europe’s” law-codes above the allegiance they owe from birth to their own countries.

Of course that’s not her in the top picture.

Here she is, a joy to behold!


Image result for eleanor sharpston"


She continued that these countries cannot invoke “the maintenance of law and order” or “internal security.”

Who the HELL does she think she is, to dictate to those brave historic nations when or how or why they may or may not ‘invoke’ those key conditions on which EVERY country’s well-being depends?

And you Brits?

Listen carefully over the next few days, as honest REAL Brexit supporters continue to expose how Boris Johnson has sold out UK freedoms by subjecting them to this supranational tribunal.