LibDem Shock-Horror – Brexit Or Bust?

Poor Jo Swinson, whining to the BBC about how told BBC Breakfast there are we “still live in a world which is sexist..”

But much of the ‘lots and lots of unsolicited advice” that she claims to have been given seems unlikely to have been offered by us wicked ole men!



I can’t imagine any circumstances in which I, or most guys, would suggest to any chick that she should ‘wear different shoes or wear different earrings.’


Would you even notice her shoes or earrings?


Sure, we compliment girls on what garb they’ve chosen for the evening out, or their accessories, if we’re in effusive mood.

But you’d need to be a braver man than I, Gunga Din, to tell any lass she’s made a bad choice! Other women, in contrast, might well be kind enough, or bitchy enough, to make such observations.

But then Jo, if she’s a typical trendy lefty liberal feminist ( albeit with a much more mellifluous Scots accent than the ghastly separatist Sturgeon…



Sturgeon the style guru

…whose fish-wife voice is horrendous to hear ) will no doubt maintain that ‘sexism’ is to be found in chicks as well as among us blokes. Normal non-libber gals are detested by feminuts almost more than mean men who hold doors for ladies!

However, there’s more than a ring of truth to Jo’s claim that she’s been advised to ‘wear lower cut tops.’

To be honest, I tend to change channels in search of more politically edifying programmes…



…when Ms. Swinson appears on tv.

She almost always talks rot, especially when she gets on her anti-democracy high horse.

BUT even as I reach for the remote, it’s hard not to notice that God has blessed her at least twice…


…and to wonder why she doesn’t make more of the blessings thus bestown.