Separatist Socialist Sturgeon – Biden’s Trans-Atlantic Twin?

Just been reading about how a Latin American branch of the leftist media got oldJoe Biden to reveal his commitment to wasting billions of tax dollars on health services for illegal aliens…

Biden Makes Huge Promise To Illegal Aliens…And You’ll Foot The Bill



…as if the crimmigrant ratbags were not already soaking up a fortune from US the public purse.

Biden was once a man capable of talking sense, until he sold his political soul to the Enemy Within..

…but that was long ago.

Even so, it gives him an edge on the Scots leftist separatist Nicola Sturgeon.



I’m amazed nobody in the current UK election campaign…

– which aside from Brexit has descended into a shouting-match about the National Health Service -

…has reminded voters how the SNP fish-wife openly called for the import of diseased aliens into Britain..

   Nigel Farage: ‘We don’t want immigrants with HIV’

…regardless of whether they were likely to become an indefinite drain on the NHS.

Again, not that there aren’t enough ‘asylum’ parasites already leeching off the British tax-payers, surely!

In the final days – day – of campaigning, those about to vote should DEMAND of their candidates…



…a rock-solid guarantee that the fragile finances of the NHS should no longer be continually undermined by fake ‘refugees.’