‘Bellingcat?’ Self-Confessed Liberals Funded by Soros! Exposed By BBC!

Got home last night in time to watch Hard Talk, BBC’s Stephen Sackur interviewing Eliot Higgins, the little pinko who runs ‘Bellingcat’- that ‘investigative’ which has slithered up to prominence despite ostensibly humble origins and despite many questions about its reliability.


And to my delight ( and, I have to confess, my surprise) Mr. Sackur did us all a favour, getting the man to admit his outfit was on the take from Soros.


Image result for bellingcat boss



Creepo also openly declared his allegiance to liberalism!

So much for the millions of people who understand that liberalism is a cancer.



Not only that, but the infamous Atlantic Council, ludicrously described by Sackur as a ‘conservative’ organisation, was also exposed as a source of support for the dubious gang.




That’s the same Atlantic Council with which Alexandra Hall went to work.

UK Foreign Office Loses A Remainer? Good! Now Fire The Rest! 

I cannot say I was surprised by the Soros revelation. That malevolent plutocrat pours his money one way or another into all kinds of vehicles that drive liberalism forward. And he’s no the only one.


However, it is useful to know that the ‘Bellingcat’ gang make no pretence of political impartiality, its boss now on record as owning up to allegiance to liberalism.

What struck me as most interesting, though, was Sackur, who is as much a BBC left-liberal as just about everyone else at the tax-funded UK state broadcaster, making a point of preemptively introducing the Soros link…

…indicating how aware he is ( and hence how aware the BBC in-crowd are ) of the rising tide of resistance to Soros meddling.
By bringing in the Sorosoid aspect, Sackur was giving the Bellboy an opportunity to shrug it off as immaterial to the work he’s been doing.

Truth, however, carries its own message! Soros money does not go to good causes.