Sinn Fein/IRA – Eire’s Collabo-Cops Forced To Face Kingsmills Questions?

‘Dublin is on trial for covering up for the IRA!’

Well said, Alan Kane QC, on the subject of the sectarian murder-gang’s atrocity at Kingsmills in County Armagh in 1976.

He, and we, are calling for Eire cops to be forced to tell the truth about what their colleagues knew back then.

No less than ten blameless British Ulstermen, honest workers, killed in cold blood –  simply for their faith.


The cowardly republican scum slaughtered their defenceless victims then – as so often – scuttled off to safety across the border, in the hostile republic which guaranteed so many such bestial brutes sanctuary.



You should read the whole report to refresh your memory, because, sad to say, while Ulster folk will never forget the foul crimes committed by the terrorist traitors whose ‘political wing’ was then, and is still today, none other than Sinn Fein…



…too many mainland Brits lose track of the many evils done by those with whom Tony Blair did his dirty Bad Friday Deal.

After sustained pressure, then Taoiseach Enda Kenny met the families in Bessbrook in March 2015 and promised them full cooperation with the inquest.

But over four years later, the families say they have yet to see any significant disclosure from the Garda.

I have every sympathy with those families.


Kenny in Blood-Beast Adams’ embrace


  • But did they truly trust any Eire leader, ESPECIALLY Enda Kenny, to behave honourably when it might upset Sinn Fein/IRA??