Election Post-Mortem 2 – ‘Ding Dong, The Broxtowe Witch…’ Adapt The Song To Celebrate!

I was surprised that Dominic Grieve, the renegade Remoaner erstwhile ‘Conservative,’ got so many votes as an Independent candidate in Beaconsfield –

Conservative 56.1%
Independent 29.0%
Labour 9.9%
Green 3.5%
Independent 1.4%

– it’s hard to trust a man who hardly opens his mouth when he speaks!

But still we should be content to see him cast out.



However, the cream on every patriotic Brits’ pre-Christmas Cake must surely have been the result in Broxtowe, where that frantic Fourth Reich fan, Shrill Soubry, was humiliated, despite the LibDems standing down in her favour…

Tory  26,602

Labour 21,271 .

Anna Soubry (Independent Group for Change) 4,668 .

Green 1,806

English Democrats 432
Independent, 321
Militant Elvis 172.

…only a few facile thousand giving her their votes, a miserable total which has launched her into the garbage bin of British political history.

Handel’s Messiah is always popular at seasonal concerts, so…