‘He Who Pays The Piper…?’ Guardian Goon Says No Way!

A typical Guardian rant by a typical Guardian pseud, railing against what Pinko ( the identity of the hack is kept from readers) defines as Hungary’s ‘hegemonic activities,’ a phrase which seems to mean requiring a modicum of sense in Magyar academic/cultural life, judging from one of the first mentioned of the scribbler’s “bete noires…”

Victor Orban


….the fact that PM Viktor Orban’s government has ‘cancelled state funding for gender studies in the country’s universities…’



‘Gender’ in those departments is nothing to do with meaning of the word we used in Latin and Greek grammar at school but instead is pseud-talk for ‘sex,’ and those who get jobs lecturing in such departments…

…are mostly into befuddling youngsters into thinking that what we all know – a human with a penis is male, a human without one is female – is all wrong…


….that you can be whatever sex you want  to be.

’Gender Studies’ is gibberish and should not just be defunded but excluded from all academic curricula.



Pinko grizzles about what most of my readers would celebrate…

….a drive to minimise the influence of liberal ideas in Hungarian life and promote an alternative worldview – one which the prime minister used to call “illiberal democracy” and now likes to refer to as “Christian liberty”.

Lucky Hungarians, to have a patriotic PM who champions decent values – millions of Brits today are waking up to discover that once again they have no such thing.

At this point I have two pix reserved…


….either of which would justify my words.

But for sheer arrogance, of the sort peculiar to pseudo-intellectual elites, we must look at what Pinko says is the move which he says ‘most strikingly’ appals him.

…it was announced that the country’s theatres are also to be subjected to the constraints and demands of the new “era”. A government bill has proposed that the state should have a role in the appointment of directors in theatres which it subsidises.

About time!

Uppity intellectuals, there in Hungary same as wherever you live, reckon the world, or at least the tax-payer, owes them a living.

If they had an ounce of talent, enough people would pay for tickets to see them strut their stuff. That doesn’t happen, because normal people won’t waste their money on pseud B.S.

So they claim a right to grab all they can get from the public purse, grubby arty-farty snouts snuffling and grunting, slurping up other folks’ money.

The good news is that Already progress is being made –  ‘the Hungarian State Opera House cancelled 15 performances of Billy Elliot last year, following a media campaign against its alleged promotion of homosexuality. ‘https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/dec/11/the-guardian-view-on-viktor-orban-laws-controlling-culture

Who would want to watch a show about queers? If queers wish to do so, they should quietly hire a private venue with appropriate condition