Election Post-Mortem 3. Alliance Party Of Eire?

’The Alliance Party of Northern Ireland?’



Only till it no longer suits their political convenience!

We heard that awkward admission last night, when their new MP, Steve Ferry, did his mealy-mouth mumbling best to avoid a question on the treason option, the prospect of another ‘border poll’ going the wrong way.

Stephen Farry MLA  Stephen Ferry, MP

…but finally responded to a BBC reporter.

If there’s a border poll, we’ll have to see…”

So much for those two words, ‘Northern Ireland,’ carefully designed when that party was formed, to gull patriots into believing the Alliance Party were not into deals with treason…



….not out to deny British Ulsterfolk their self-evident right to self-determination.

It goes without saying that if, by over-breeding and ethnic cleansing, the Enemy Within were to gain a plurality of votes in any such poll, a re-delineation of the border would become necessary, along with population transfers…



…republicans in Belfast removed en masse to the damnable republic they say they are true to.

And if that solution were not adopted, if it were said by either government, London and/or Dublin, that Ulster in its entirety were up for annexation y our ancestral enemies…

…then armed resistance would be justified, and it would be the right and the duty of British patriots on the mainland and elsewhere to assist loyalist resistance, from each according to his or her ability or means.

Anybody whose response to that scenario is to say “we’ll need to see” is a knave – or in good old-fashioned Ulster talk, a Lundy.

Unlike much of the rest of the UK, elections in Ulster have always, admirably, been fought on issues of principle –


 – ‘we are who we are, and what we have, we hold.’ –

Encouragingly, this past election on the mainland, and the standard of debate in the months beforehand, was to some extent a welcome improvement. One hopes that will continue to improve!


Nobody with any sense of national identity should allow themselves to be distracted by diversionary rhetoric about socio-economic matters.


Some in Ulster seem to want to encourage such an unwholesome development, the APNI being an obvious culprit.

No loyal citizen should give them the time of day.