In Berlin, A Jihadist Beast In Close Proximity To Children?

The most notable omission from The Leftal, sorry, The Local’s report on the latest alarming arrest in Berlin  – a 26-year-old Syrian man accused of planning an Islamist attack – is ANY mention of how the alien got into Germany.


This absence of key info is not surprising, given The Leftal’s rabid pro-crimmigrant track record, but it’s safe to assume that the Syrian is one of the hundreds of thousands deliberately imported by Mama Stasi Merkel in 2015…

German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! 

….many of whom quickly demonstrated both how ungrateful and how primitive they were, unfit to inhabit any civilised country.


I’ll be happy to revise my conclusion if it’s shown to be inaccurate…

’Abdullah H.,’ as we have to describe him, given the German authorities shyness about identifying terrorist suspects…



…had apparently ‘exchanged instructions on ways to manufacture weapons and explosives with other suspected Islamists…’

Were they more of Merkel’s poor ‘refugees’ fleeing poverty and strife?

We don’t know, just as we don’t know if they’re also in Germany or somewhere else – are more arrests imminent?

Also disturbing is the fact that the Syrian “suspect was employed as a cleaner at a primary school

Working in a school?

What kind of vetting is done when people are hired to work in Berlin schools? Especially people from far away, whose entry into Germany was uncontrolled in any way?

Merkel has enough blood on her hands already.

It’s good work by the cops but too many questions remain unanswered.

Perhaps our German readers can check their media and enlighten us.

dozens of suspects have been arrested or charged over alleged terror plots in recent years.

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