German Bus-Driver Fired For Being A Patriot!

The self-abasement exalted across the West could hardly be exemplified more shamefully than by the fate of a patriotic bus-driver in Germany.

Dresden’s public transport authority has been forced to explain why one of its drivers displayed a sign reading “This bus is steered by a German driver” next to the door of his bus.


DVB driver sacked in Dresden (picture-alliance/dpa/T. Plunert)


While the Dresden Tranport Authority (DVB ) is the villain of the story, it’s hard not to conclude that we should reserve our most biting contempt for the slimy pinko creep who caused all the trouble.

Passenger Peter Dörffel on the number 90 spotted the sign, which included a grammatical error, and took a photo of it, later telling local media portal Tag24, “I was amazed when I saw the picture.”


Has Dummkopf Dörffel never met a fellow-citizen who’s proud to be German?

Peter Dörffel fotografierte den Aushang und meldete sich bei der DVB.

What shocked me the most was that I’m not even surprised anymore,” the 23-year-old added. “Things like this are slowly becoming normal.”


What’s ‘normal’ about that prissy little pink-haired prig in the photo, brandishing his camera, who looks like he’s getting ready to burst into tears? DW almost gleefully regales us with the instant witch-hunt after Dummkopf Dörffel’s photo entered the social media merry-go-round!

Toxic fallout..outrage…”

Then the lily-livered DVB belly-crawled to the Left…


Fuhrerin Merkel Sticks Nose into France, Jackboot into Greece

…putting the boot into a blameless man for his patriotism.

“Hello, the message has reached us. We’re also wondering what’s wrong with this colleague. (He is no longer on the road and this behavior will have consequences

‘What’s Wrong’ with the man?

Is that how low German public authorities have sunk?

‘What’s wrong’ with being a patriot?

Astoundingly (not!) DW’S report includes not a single voice raised in the man’s defence.

I doubt very much that it would have been hard to find a thousand voices echoing the bus-driver’s sentiments.

Drips like Dummkopf Dörffel are by no means typical – there are plenty of DECENT Germans still!