Time For U.S. Patriots To Show PRACTICAL Support For Trump!

Just watched the theatre of the absurd, Dems voting to impeach a President for trying to expose corruption, and wasn’t it revealing how Plastic Pelosi instantly…



…with a flick of her eyes( the only part of her face that can move?) commanded ‘no cheering’ from her comrades, clearly aware how many millions of patriot viewers would react to such gloatery.

That inspires me to slither off my sick-bed ( sofa, actually!) and exhort you folks in America to take aim and fire back, in support of a key Trump policy.



We have often urged the need for deportation of illegals, at the very least aliens convicted of ANY violation of the laws of the land they leech off.

In fact we’ve suggested that crimmigrants, currently resident in whatever country, should be obliged to doff their caps…

Ingrate ‘Migrant’ Savages Amok In Madrid! 

….and say thanks to every citizen they pass on the street.

No word of that latter agreeable notion from the USA’s Justice Department/Department of Homeland Security, but still great news that they are ready to implement a plan…


…to deny ‘asylum’ not only to scum convicted of ‘serious offenses such as driving while intoxicated and domestic battery,’ but also of ‘lesser violations such as the use of false documents and reentering the United States illegally..’