Guardian Reveals Shock Truth – Salvini, Giorgia…NOT Italians!?!


The nefarious deceivers almost got away with it!

But that ‘far right’ duo, Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni, have now been exposed, thanks to the Guardian’s Lorenzo Tondo’s intrepid investigatory skills – they are NOT Italian!

The Guardian headline tells all –

‘Sardines’ against Salvini: Italy’s fight against the far right


“Italy’s Fight!”

Huh? “Italy’s Fight?”

So it’s not a matter of one Italian political faction against another Italian political faction?

It’s “Italy” against somebody else, a foreign foe, an external enemy?



Salvini’s party according to every recent poll has the support of more Italians than any other.

It’s not just polls – he, along with the lovely Giorgia’s party, won a very clear victory in Umbria, the most recent Italian region to hold elections, sweeping the left into the electoral dustbin.

Another Election Today – The Good Guys Look Like Winning! 

They stand for a proud Italian patriotism, a stark contrast to their opponents, who are a collection of multicultis, Europhiliacs and unreconstructed marxists…



…whose battle-hymn, ‘Bella Ciao,’ we heard echoing around that piazza in Rome last weekend, proof positive that the demise of the old PCI…



…the Italian Communist Party, did not mean that the Reds disappeared, were no longer a menace to democracy…

Red Minitti Drops Mask – Italy Faces Fresh Alien Influx! 

…they shifted en masse into less obviously malevolent parties, and there are plenty of leftists, like Lorenzo Tondo, plainly propagandising in the media too.

Witness the threat to free debate posed by one ‘Sardine’ quoted in the Guardian,  – Stephen Ogongo, a 45-year-old journalist of Kenyan origin, told AFP. ‘‘We will no longer tolerate language that is racist, fascist, discriminatory or sexist.”

And that means whatever uppity Ogongo defines by those loaded terms of political abuse.