Voter Fraud Reform – Guarded Optimism On Bojo’s First Steps!

It’s nearly Christmas and in the spirit of the Season of Goodwill, I offer a welcome to a few of Johnson’s sensible first steps…

Thanks, Bojo – Overseas Brits Get Rights Restored! 

…one of which we mentioned earlier but equally welcome is the proposed introduction of photo-ID at polling stations.

The lunatic irresponsibility – or dare we say self-interest? – of the useful reform’s opponents is stunning.

Campaigners accused the prime minister of taking action on an “imaginary” problem… 


“Very Tall Figure – Full Islamic Burka – Voted 3 Times!” 


It would of course be better to ban the burka altogether, and not only for reasons of honest electoral practice.

But meantime, let’s be cheerful about this!