Macron Gets Tough On Migrant Menace? By Importing 400 More?

Was it a month ago we mocked Le Muppet Macron over his new, fake, ‘get tough’ policy on undesirable aliens?



He thinks the French electorate are mugs, ready to swallow his double-talk, which he’s only started talking because he has figured out that Marine Le Pen’s RN patriot party is still rising in the polls…



…and the people of France may well be angry enough to remedy their error last time round and instal Marine in the Elysee Palace in a year or so’s time.

Well, already his bogus bleats about preserving France from the migrant menace are looking pretty shabby!


Over the coming months, France will accept 400 persons who have arrived on Greek soil,” ambassador Patrick Maisonnave told the state Athens News Agency.


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Maisonnave said France would also step up cooperation with Greece by sending experts to combat migrant smuggling, and is willing to bolster Greek camp resources with French translators, doctors and psychologists.


Sod that.

What would be of use, in practical terms, is a detachment of the Foreign Legion, complete with snipers, tough guys like the French troops we saw Macron visiting yesterday in Abidjan, West Africa. They’re helping the Africans fend off jihadists there.

But how about the jihadists coming into France?

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…and now, for

French forces would be guarding France, if they are deployed to help guard the detention centres within Greece…

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….and to join forces with good Greek border security personnel in driving back the infiltrators up past Thessalonki, where the parasites are pouring in over land and river frontiers.