Good Reads For The Holidays! Two Recommendations

Holidays back in The Old Country, or here in Indonesia, have always included time to catch up on my fun reading. One needs a break from political stuff!

As many of you will be idling, or on a long journey, I hope a couple of good book recommendations won’t go amiss!

They may be on sale in big shops in airports, or in malls, or, available, certainly in the UK, in public libraries.

The Scarecrow was published in 2009, a gripping yarn by Michael Connolly, the creator of Bosch, hero of the tv crime fiction series.


The Scarecrow (Jack McEvoy, #2; Harry Bosch Universe, #19)

That should be enough to make you think it readable, and it is.

But Bosch is not the hero in this one. Instead it’s a disillusioned reporter, Jack Lavery, who takes on a serial killer, with the help of an FBI lady with troubles enough of her own.



Pasar Festival, Jakarta

I picked it up at Pasar Festival a week ago, in an excellent second-hand bookstore in the basement, and devoured it on my bus -journeys around Jakarta.

Traffic can be pure hell here, so having something to read keeps you sane – and attracts curious stares from other passengers, who almost all spend their journeys playing with their mobile phones!



Then there’s The Sett, fiction written by a real-life adventurer, who certainly does thorough research before he puts pen to paper.

The plot is labyrinthine but not pretentiously so, the hero a man cruelly wronged, who sets about setting things as right as possible.

Read, enjoy!