Jewish Woman Gets Death Threat – Twitter Colluded! Why?

The hogwash about patriot criticism of Sorosoid subversion being inspired by ‘Anti-Semitism,’ as discussed before..

Yes, Soros Is A Jew! And Decent Jews Detest Him Just As We Do! 

…needs to be set against the murderous hatred of the far-left unleashed on a Jewish woman in California, aided and abetted by the double standards of social media…


A hate-freak leftist in California published this on Twitter, and Twitter…

Image result for twitter left bias

Dorsey is happy to allow hate-speech, against patriots.

Who Will Report This Remainiac For Incitement? 


…in keeping with its sleazy boss’s grotesque bias…


…has taken no action, either to delete the Tweet or to ban the hate-freak, a klutz named Feldman, from its sites.

As the courageous target says-

The egregious double standard in Silicon Valley between what is and isn’t tolerated on Twitter and Facebook should concern every decent person. There is no denying the fact that Twitter is biased against conservatives and Jews when I was permanently banned from Twitter for saying “Ilhan Omar is anti-Jewish”, but Leftist accounts like Loren’s get to openly call for me, a Jewish Republican congressional candidate to be murdered on Hanukkah..”

Read the whole story here!

Sick: Filmmaker Fantasizes About Killing Jewish Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer On Hanukkah

Notice the mainstream media has mostly, if not totally, suppressed coverage of this rabid leftist’s overt incitement to murder!