Traitor Downey Deserves Not Bankruptcy But An Abattoir!

One of the books I recommended for your holiday reading just a few hours ago…

Good Reads For The Holidays! Two Recommendations 

…is about a mild-mannered, peaceable British man whose loved ones were murdered by evil monsters.



The law?

Fettered by ‘rights’ rot, the legal system is a mess of inertia, no chance of justice, so the bereaved husband and father thereupon gave up on a low-key life-style and did what I hope any man in that position would do –

– made it his mission to obliterate the killer scum from the face of the earth.

That story leapt into my mind when I read about that filthy IRA pig Patrick Downey…


OTR Sinn Fein pig, Patrick Downey – see the previous story here-

UK – Dirty Deal With Terrorists Exposed! 

…whom I’ve written about before but is currently back in the news.

Patrick Traitor-Pig escaped justice in 2014 thanks to Blair’s sly sell-out process which culminated in the Bad Friday Dirty Deal.



Like many other terrorist scum he was issued with a so-called “on-the-run letter,” which ensured that many Sinn Fein/IRA vermin went unpunished.

However, last week a civil court ruling was made on Pig-Traitor’s involvement in the republicans’ Hyde Park mass-murder.

Ulster Unionist notable Doug Beattie drew conclusions.


Gambar terkait

Ulster Unionist Doug Beattie

Today, thanks to the perseverance of the victims’ families and their legal team in a civil case, a court of law has found that Downey was an active participant in that IRA bombing and the way is now clear for a damages claim to be made against him.”

Quite true.

But is it enough that there’s only a fond hope of a monetary penalty?

Never mind that Pig-Traitor may or may not have few funds in his greasy pocket to pay up, if damages were to be awarded against him?

As another prominent Ulster patriot leader, Jim Allister, of TUV, observed, “Downey should be facing a criminal court, not a civil one,” he continued. 


“The fact that he is not is a great stain on the United Kingdom and a telling insight into just how perverse the peace process is.

“This is the sort of crime which the powers that be gave out on-the-run letters for in order to advance the process. While innocent victims will rightly celebrate this victory, they will doubtlessly also reflect on how those who should have brought Downey to justice have failed them.”

As always, Jim talks sense.

Which brings me to muse some more on that work of fiction I wrote about, at the top of the page,