A Very Merry Christmas From Jakarta!

Last night I went to the old English church in Menteng.

It’s a fine old building, well worth a visit anytime…


All Saints, Jakarta -for a description, see

Christmas Day in Jakarta – A Non-Political Post for a Change! 

…but on Christmas Eve there are carols to be sung (obviously I sing the proper words…


The popular Christmas carol ‘Hark! The Herald Angels Sing’ has been updated to remove a reference to Jesus’ mother’s virginity, and clergymen are warning parishioners not to be “squeamish” about Mary’s womb

Emasculating Christmas Carols – Fight Back!

..if any revisionist lyrics appear in the trendy hymn-books that one tends to find in churches these days.)


Image result for merry christmas 2019 manger"


But although there was a change ( non-contentiou) to Silent Night, all went well, secure as we sang because the police were at the gates aplenty to watch for any troublesome sorts.

Today, in a few hours, I’ll be up and at ‘em.

Time then for Christmas Dinner, as good as I can rustle up with the help of my ever-welcome guest.

We intend to enjoy ourselves.

May you also enjoy Christmas!