Season Of Goodwill? A Story Of Sexist Scots Uptightesses!

I was going to take a break tonight, content after a day of beef, bacon, carrots, spuds, plums, mangoes and cake..

…and beer, and currently Scotch…


Mindless people exist everywhere…


…but since it’s a Scottish newspaper that carries this bizarre story involving twittering moronesses –

– hence my headline!

I can’t imagine why the Daily Record thinks it important to report the twaddle tweets of some chick whose only apparent claim to significance is that she hangs out with a ‘comedian’ named ‘Limmy,’ but that’s apparently why a misanthropic minx named Lynn McGowan gets headlines.

Here’s a photo of Misery-Guts!


Image result for smile liz buchanan sexist

A face that only a mother could love, as Scots say


Having sexistly told the world ( or at least anyone dim-witted enough to follow her wittering)  that ‘men don’t belong in shops,’ the dumb cluck soon after went doolali because a security guard in Glasgow suggested she ‘Smile!’

Grievously offended, the nasty bitch REPORTED him for being ‘sexist,’ – pot/kettle stuff this – and when called out for her vindictive irrationality, she bleated that she didn’t care if he lost his job as a result of her uptight snarkling.

Since there is obviously nothing sexist about urging a passing gloom-bag to smile, some sane people’s reaction was inevitable, but you can read those logical rebukes, if you wish, on the link.



What astounded me was another dim-wit chick named Cate Lawson, who echoed Misery-Guts’ whine, asserting that exhortations to smile were ‘underhand misogyny,’ which, when she was so urged, ‘made me feel helpless..’

I’d be inclined to ask if Loopy Lawson is nine years old, but that would be unfair on primary school age children, who are not given to such fatuous flatulence.

Therapy, methinks,is overdue!