So Is Christmas NOT A Christian Festival? Fire This Klutz Khatun!

An English schoolteacher rewrote the lyrics of a traditional Christmas carol sung by children in a Nativity play that referred to Jesus as “Lord” to avoid offending people of other faiths, such as Muslims.

NB – the uppity vixen takes a ‘traditional Christmas carol’ and de-Christianises it!


Why have a Nativity play at all in that case?

At Whitehall Primary School, a secular school in the London suburb of Chingford, head teacher Zakia Khatun announced at an assembly last week that changes were made to traditional Christmas carols so “all pupils can participate” — such as Muslims and people of other faiths — in the annual Christmas program.

The ‘annual Christmas program’ is for Christians, and if non-Christians in an English school are not into England’s established religion, they may, of course, be given another activity to engage in, right?