BBC Affronts Tax-Payers AGAIN – Exalts Leftist Grime Gremlin!

It just goes to show that if I don’t keep an eye on the BBC, their affronts to the people whom they rip off easily come and go without appropriate criticism.

Hence yesterday I was taken aback by the BBC news reporting that besides HM The Queen and The Argie Dope, a third Xmas Message was being broadcast  – by that far-left ‘grime’ gremlin Stormzy…

Oh Well, That’s It, Then! Gotta Be Labour! 

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Stormzy’ with his hero


…whom we noticed two weeks or so ago.

The nasty leftist had already gained further notoriety by trying to indoctrinate school-children with his own partisan hatreds, brain-wash hogwash that the British PM is a ‘very bad man.’


I’m hardly a Bojo cheer-leader, but twisting school-kids’ minds is not on!

My initial reaction, beyond a festive curl of the lip, was disdain that the BBC was reporting the creep’s activity on some other part of the media, the most obvious suspect being Channel 4.

Not so!

Little did I know that he’d been made a part of the state broadcaster’s agitprop network.



Protests had already erupted against the BBC imposing this longtime ‘fan of outgoing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’ who had ‘pledged his support for him in the December 12 General Election.’

One Conservative MP, Steve Double, undoubtedly spoke for millions when he said the Christmas Day appointment proves that the public broadcaster has “learnt nothing” from the recent general election.’


“I think many of us have ceased being surprised at anything the BBC. They seem to enjoy pushing an anti-Conservative agenda..I would remind Stormzy that the bible tells us to pray for our national leaders.”

What was just as outrageous as handing the loathsome leftist a major spot on Christmas Day, I’d say, was the completely dismissive response of two very much un-elected BBC apparatchiks to the complaints of an elected legislator.

Daisy Scalchi, specialist factual commissioning editor, said: “Stormzy has consistently celebrated his faith and spirituality through his music and we are hugely excited that he is bringing Christmas day to a close on BBC One with his reading from St Luke’s Gospel.”



Hugh Faupel, executive producer at BBC Studios: “Every year we look for people to bring the Christmas story aliveThis year we are delighted that Stormzy accepted the invitation to retell the timeless story of the first Christmas and hopefully bring it to a new audience.”

Who do these arrogant hirelings think they are!