Carrey Embarrasses Himself, And Canada, Again! Off His Meds?

When I was teaching in a Jakarta language school, I guess over ten years ago, we foreigners would talk about all kinds of stuff during our breaks.




One day the topic was movies and which stars we liked best.

Somebody asked me if I was a Jim Carrey fan.

My response was instant.

‘I can’t stand the moronic w…ker!”



“He’s a pinko crack-pot,” I added, with a few deletable expletives.

( There were no ladies present!)


A colleague, from one of the Maritime provinces, was shocked.

“But he’s Canadian!”

“What the Hell has that got to do with anything? So is Justin Turdo!”

 It’s right and proper to a patriot and a nationalist but I am no fan of chauvinism.

Most Canadians are great folks, but…



If a Canadian is a worthless weirdo, why should I defend him?

And sure enough, more proof as the year unwinds, of what a deranged creep Carrey is,

Jim Carrey Art Depicts Trump In A Toilet Bowl Full Of Excrement

I think the word ‘scatological’ applies to at least one of the ‘works of art’ produced by Carrey as displayed in the above report. I don’t reproduce them here on grounds of gross obscenity.

I doubt the President regards Carrey as of any more significance than something he might have stood on and would prefer not to have stood on.

Yet if we go back a few months, we have to notice examples of blabbering brain-dead abuse, insult directed not at President Trump but at the millions of good Americans who support him…

The actor-artist drew what appeared to be a parrot in a MAGA hat and “I’m With Stupid” shirt (featuring Trump’s silhouette) shouting out chants that members of the president’s base use at his rallies.

…and prior to that?

This demented drivel!

18 Years After 9/11, Jim Carrey Warns Us of the Threat of…Mitch McConnell

There has been much talk, for some time, of mental illness.

“Is He Okay?” New Interview With Jim Carrey Sparks Concern For His Mental Health

I have no wish to mock the afflicted so I leave it to you to decide if Carrey is bad or mad.