‘Not A Great Deal Of Fun?’ Kimono-Clad Creep Bludgeons Trapped Fox

The prominent remain-supporting lawyer Jolyon Maugham QC has announced on Twitter that he clubbed a fox to death on Boxing Day morning, while wearing his wife’s satin kimono and nursing a hangover.

“Already this morning I have killed a fox with a baseball bat,” the barrister tweeted just after 8am.

“How’s your Boxing Day going?”


Sweet snooty Jolyon added that it wasn’t ‘a great deal’ of fun.

So? Just a little bit?

As a farmer’s son, I am not given to sentimentality about wild animals and did my fair share of shooting from the day I got my first .22 rifle, aged 6, or was it 7?


All Ontario farmers had a gun-rack back then


If the groundhog or jackrabbit was still alive when I caught up with my prey…



….even as a child I understood the right and proper thing to do was to despatch it promptly.

The idea of clubbing it to death was beyond the pale.

Such brutality would have resulted in a well-deserved trip to the wood-shed, and probably confiscation of my rifle!

Yet we know that this man has a firearms license. He talks of hunting rabbits with a gun in the same report.

Clad in his wife’s kimono, was it too troublesome to go get his rifle for a quick clean kill?

I make no further comment.