A Delightful Update On The Ugly Unfit Mother!

Remember this thing?


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‘Mother-F…..?’ What Kind Of ‘Mother?’ Foul-Mouthed Fanatic Disgraces Michigan

Well, there’s more news about her this month, and it’s all good!

Well, maybe not good – nothing about Rashida Tlaib is really ‘good,’ but at least enlightening.

During the impeachment debate, one of the Republican legislators decided that Foulmouth’s offensive rants deserved a place in the annals of Congress, so he began to recite what the sow had said elsewhere.

All at once, the other foul fanatic Democrat, Ilhan Omar…

Stop Ilhan Omar


Ilhan Omar is the most toxic Member of Congress, represents the worst elements of hate and ignorance in America, and for some unforsaken reason, Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party are protecting her, making excuses for her actions and claim she’s “just learning…”

…As an African-American man, I don’t agree with her 2018 quote where she claims Americans should be “more fearful of white men” when discussing the threat of “jihadist terrorism.”

Act NOW to defeat Ilhan Omar.

….started hollering at him to ‘Stop it!’


Evidently, the obnoxious Ilhan understood that Tlaib’s penchant for obscenity was best not recorded for future reference!

And let’s not forget Foulmouth’s other recent headline!

Ethics Probe into Rashida Tlaib Extended after Watchdog Finds Evidence of Misuse of Campaign Funds