Who Told UK TV Presenter To Abandon Impartiality!

Interesting, this.

If you flick over to Aljazeera to read this propaganda piece –

– you’ll see below it a disclaimer, that the leftist bigot author’s views are his and do not (necessarily) reflect Aljazeera’s institutional viewpoint.

For an often offensive part of the media…

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…that’s mildly reassuring, I suppose.

Yet ironically, if you read the rant above their disclaimer, you learn that Sky News has coerced one of its presenters, a guy named David Jones, into retracting an almost identical disclaimer, which he had quite properly asserted –  after a whiner named Gary Neville had insulted the entire UK!

Specifically, Nasty Neville, an ex-soccer player, had bleated on Sky Sports, that “racism is an endemic problem not only in UK football, but in UK society at large – not least of all within the country’s dominant political parties.



That may or may not be true, but it certainly is contentious. I’m sure both ‘dominant’ parties would dispute it!

So David Jones was not only entitled but duty-bound, surely, “to add a disclaimer to Neville’s comments, saying that they were not the views of Sky Sports.”

When a visibly annoyed Neville asked whether or not he agreed, Jones responded: “Whether I do or I don’t is irrelevant. I’m here to try and hold a balanced debate.”


End of story, you’d think, unless Sky News took the next obvious step to uphold principles of impartiality and invited some more level-headed guest onto the show to refute the smear.


That’ll be the damn day!

Jones has since apologised, tweeting that he is “sorry to have spoiled … an important discussion on racism”.


In what possible way did Jones ‘spoil’ the discussion?

Because he didn’t go down on bended knee and kow-tow to the arrogant Neville, who has done pretty well for himself in the dreadfully racist UK?

So next time some uptight has a rant live on tv, defaming one or more political parties and/or the very fabric of British society, presenters must nod and simper…



…and, not for even a nano-second, indicate that the opinions of the ranter might not be divinely inspired truths…



…not give the viewing millions even a hint that the chip on the ranter’s shoulder might be the ranter’s problem and not that of the society in which he has thrived?

‘Fair and balanced?’

If you’re watching Sky, watch out for flying pigs over head!