A Viper Hisses In Its Crossmaglen Den!

There may well be a few decent people in Crossmaglen, in the United Kingdom’s County Armagh, but I doubt there’s that many!

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Anyone who could move, would move, to avoid living cheek by jowel with disloyal scum, with whom the area has long been infested.

I always thought it was a tad unfair of HM’s armed forces to refer to such territory as ‘bandit country.’ Bandits, after all, are motivated as a rule by monetary gain…


IRA ‘volunteers’


….not by ethnic/sectarian hatred of the Anti-Christ sort to be found among Sinn Fein-IRA.

The above sentiments are hardly novel, but surfaced in my thoughts again today after reading an RTE news item –


  • – describing a visit by Simon Byrne, the Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland to his officers stationed in the republican hate-hole.

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  • Byrne’s policing policies have given us cause for criticism from time to time but spending time with  those cops in the Festive Season was a good move.

  • Needless to say, any good move in Ulster sets off a bout of hissing from republican reptiles, and sure enough, local scumbag ‘Sinn Féin Assembly member Conor Murphy demanded “immediate answers.”.’

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  • Before we go on with the RTE story, it’s in order to explain my description of Murphy as a scumbag.

    Murphy is a convicted terrorist, who in 1982 got 5 years for membership of the IRA murder-gang and possession of explosives.

  • Murphy’s vicious sectarian bigotry was exposed after the Bad Friday Agreement, when, as a Stormont Minister, he made an appointment to the N.I. Water authority which resulted in a tribunal awarding £150,000 damages for discrimination to an unusccessful applicant…

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  •  …Murphy’s choice was appointed because “he was not from a Protestant background and because he was known to the minister and his (then Sinn Fein) ministerial colleagues Michelle Gildernew and Caitriona Ruane who were consulted about the appointment.”[ The tribunal found Murphy’s evidence was “implausible and lack[ing] credibility”, and that, during Murphy’s tenure at the Department for Regional Development, there was a “material bias against the appointment of candidates from a Protestant background”  –

  • see wikipedia for more info on the scumbag

  • Mangy Murphy got his no doubt green white and gold knickers in a twist because Mr. Byrne had a photo taken with officers toting the weaponry that serving in close proximity to a den of vipers obliges them to carry.

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    Their sense of duty and optimism is inspiring. Stay safe and thank you.”


    Mangy grizzled like a tantrum tot: “This post by the chief constable is offensive to the local community and utterly unacceptable…

  • And what about the militaristic style of murder of the IRA, of which Murphy was an active member?
  • ….The heavily armed officers posing with the chief constable is reflective of the militaristic style of policing that the community in South Armagh has had to endure in recent years.”

    What a great pity that no death penalty was in place for active involvement in terrorism when Murphy was convicted back in 1982!

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  • Then we would not have to listen to the religious bigot beast’s bleating today!