‘Toronto The Good?’ – Where Perverts Freely Hound Christians!

I have often mentioned how Toronto was once nicknamed ‘Toronto the Good,’ a reference to the way of life where common decencies were the rule and where doors could safely be left unlocked.

Not any more.

We have taken note of how public indecency is damn near glorified and how even in schools…

Stop Toronto’s Gross ‘Gay’ Indecency! 

Toronto Teachers – “Hands Off Naked Buggers Parading in Public!” 

…,where children should learn what’s right and wrong, wrong is exalted.

And now again, in this case regarding Catholic schools, we see that not only are there moves to indoctrinate youngsters with ‘gender’ hogwash…



…but that school board members who took a stand against brain-washing are being reviled and persecuted by loathsome perverts.

Read the details below!


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