Put Patriotism On The Back-Burner? Shove It, Scheisse Schäuble!

One of the most unpleasantly arrogant members of Mama Stasi Merkel’s coalition crew has to be her slippery Speaker, Herr Wolfgang Schäuble


Gambar terkait

Slimy Schäuble


…whose bad behaviour we first recorded a couple of years ago, when he introduced a new diktat, unilaterally, with no statutory backing, to stop the AfD patriot party exposing the irresponsibility and sloth of the in-crowd.

Politicians from the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), which won its first Bundestag seats in September’s election, had been tweeting photos from inside the parliament, often showing the empty seats of other parties’ MPs..


This was just after the AFD had surged into the Bundestag and Slippery Schäuble obviously feared that, at long last, the German people would be told, with proof, what good-for-nothing slugs their Blockparteien ‘representatives’ were.

German Patriot Party To Become Official Opposition? 


Mind you, his own shaming, several years before, could have had something to do with his enthusiasm for a cover-up – in 2012 while he was finance minister, Schäuble himself was caught on camera by public broadcaster ARD playing Sudoku on a tablet during a Bundestag session!.


Irresponsible old git!


But now he’s escalated his war on patriotism, which he has dismissed as a mere backward “confessional identity!”

In a German media outlet, the gnarled old Schweinehund ‘warned against playing off national identities against European unification.’

We can work to create a European identity,” he wrote, before proposing a “confessional identity” that does justice to the different national experiences, traditions and cultural characteristics of the past.

He added that this identity “must focus primarily on the responsibility for a common future.”


Tomorrow Belongs To Me!?!

And this is what DW chooses to describe as a ‘grandee?’

At least there were German media, during the scandal twenty years ago, who had a better measure of the creep, when two leading conservative dailies, Die Welt and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, yesterday demanded that Mr Schäuble quit… https://www.theguardian.com/world/2000/jan/18/johnhooper

There should be another German election this year or next.

Let’s hope that pathetic Europhiliac paean will be his swansong, before the rotten old rat sinks into well-deserved obscurity.