Hate-Brexit Site STILL Scraping The ‘Project Fear’ Barrel!

Some of you may know of ‘The New European’ website.

It has been spewing out anti-Brexit propaganda for the past year or three, and while it is replete with Remainer rot, and frequently on the far-left bandwagon too…

….it is a professional-looking site, obviously well-funded, by whom I do not know – though it might be interesting to find out!

Now that the result of the refendum has been reaffirmed by the general election, you’d think it might acquiesce gracefully in the democratic will, but not so.

Even as the old year ended and the new one begins, TNE is still harping on.

That would be almost tolerable if they could find a few sharp hooks to hang their arguments on, but it looks like they’re getting ever more desperate.

Get this!

Brexit Cited As A Reason For Increase In Loneliness For Over-50s’

How odd does it get?

Baffled, we read on.

Research found many of those feeling lonely say it’s because they no longer work, live alone, or have children who have left home.

OK! Those are self-explanatory reasons.

Now get this!

But 3% of those surveyed cited Brexit as a reason for loneliness, and one in four said it was because they had less money to spend.


Having less money to spend may well limit social life, but, even if the numbers are insignificant, regarding that mere 3 out of 100 of those surveyed…

IN WHAT POSSIBLE WAY can even one of that tiny fraction say that they’re lonely due to Brexit?

Needless to say, TNE can’t or won’t tell us.

We can naturally speculate about the sad 3%.

Could it be that these poor folk of mature age have been the victims of the mean-spirited generational vendetta incited by rabid Remainiacs, who often sought to turn younger voters, addled by school indoctrination…



…against their parents and grandparents by portraying their engrained decent patriotism as ‘inappropriate?’

We heard that tripe even from senescent sad-sacks like Vince Cable. How dare Lib Dem Sir Vince Cable call Brexiteers old, white racists

Millennial morons!


…and the bitterness of the pro-Brussels faction did indeed divide families, and if that 3% of the lonely are casualties of the anti-democratic jihad then patriots should look out for them.

Damn sure the recalcitrant Remainers won’t!