Jakarta Flooding Affects My Bloggery!

I had intended to spend the day on bloggery, but with the street outside my garden gate currently resembling a brown lagoon, I’m distracted.

That photo, of another area in West Jakarta, was taken 4 years ago. It’s worse this time,

Thousands have had to flee their homes and the death toll is in double figures, and rising, sadly.

Busily texting friends around Jakarta to see how their areas have been afflicted…


.and lifting important documents, cherished photo albums etc, to a safely high level, e.g. atop my wardrobe, in case the levels rise to those seen in the horrific tv bulletins in East Jakarta, and other parts of city and country…


…I have no time, nor inclination, to play with my Ipad.

Yes, it’s sunny now –  but that is no guarantee there will be no more downpours like last night’s.

Local readers who have escaped the worst effects should find out where they can hand in clothing and other supplies for those who have lost everything.

So the blog will be running itself till the weekend, at least.

There are several items already scheduled, but not much brand-new being composed right now!