Neds V Loyal Scots? Mini-‘Outrage’ Outbreak!

The SNP’s dubious allegiance to the Crown – and the class-hatreds which have always festered on the far-left of the separatist party – was on display as 2020 descended on Scotland, when a Labour councillor ‘caused anger after implying SNP MP Mhairi Black was a “ned” on Twitter.’

To me, it seems that the voters of Largs, a pleasant Ayrshire seaside town which was once home to an elderly great-aunt of mine, so I know it quite well from childhood visits, might well be anything but ‘angry’ with their councillor, a young man called Alex Gallagher shared his video, calling out the sullied loyalties of the separatist ratbags –

How many SNP MPs are just neds?“.

A ‘ned’ in Scots slang, is a lowlife street lout, and while Black and her sort are not muggers or engaged in other common criminal behaviour…

Lords Get Ermine, Commons Get Vermin – Two Disloyal Scots! 

…her rude, crude, conditional oath of allegiance to HM The Queen must have disgusted many a Scot.

As Gallagher said: “If people get themselves elected to the main chamber they should behave in a dignified manner when they get there rather than behave in an immature and childish fashion.

“To my mind, it shows a deep disrespect. If they don’t want to take the vow then they shouldn’t put themselves forward to get elected in the first place. They shouldn’t pretend they can’t read the vow or cross their fingers.


The news report claims that the tweeted video ‘sparked outrage,’ a strange way to describe a mere 200 plus leftist/separatist snarls. Largs has a population of more than 11,000 people.

One of the snarlies was SNP councillor Alan Hill, who appears to be ignorant of his own party’s policy of keeping HM as Scotland’s head of state if they gain ‘independence,’ which would of course not be independence at all…