On 31st January, Expat Brits Too Will Celebrate Brexit – But How?

After nearly three years of anti-democratic obstructionist antics onthe part of the worst people in the country, aka Europhiliac Members of Parliament, Brexit comes to pass in four weeks.



Millions of patriots in the UK will be celebrating, at parties some of them, others in pubs (hopefully Wetherspoons!) and most, probably, with a quiet smile and a cuppa at home.

How about overseas Brits?

Every single one of Her Britannic Majesty’s embassies in foreign parts should be instructed to hold a ceremony to mark the lowering of the loathsome Brussels banner…

…not at midnight, as that would be impractical, but on the following morning, which is by happy coincidence a Saturday, when most are not at work.

I have heard of no such plans, so suggest we all email the Foreign Secretary…



Dominic Raab MP
House of Commons

…with copies to MPs ( and MEPs!) urging that something of the sort be undertaken!