Ultimata? Why Aren’t Cambridge Stinkos In Custody?

If I accost some passer-by and threaten to torment him or her unless he or she does what I demand, surely I should be apprehended by the authorities?

Making demands with menaces?

Not on, in a free society governed by law!

Yet here’s what we read in the Cambridge Evening News!



Extinction Rebellion (XR) Cambridge has threatened to bring the city to a halt with a ‘week-long roadblock’ if their demands for ‘climate and social justice’ are not met.

This afternoon (January 1), XR Cambridge and XR Youth Cambridge published the ultimatum via social media.


Who do these XR-rated Stinko Revulsion scumbags think they are?


They said if the demands are not met, XR would initiate a week-long roadblock in an undisclosed location in Cambridge from February 16.

The ‘institutions of Cambridge’ – Cambridge University, Cambridgeshire County Council and Cambridge City Council – are each required to take action. https://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/news/cambridge-news/xr-extinction-rebellion-cambridge-roadblock-17498861

Ultimata? ( not ultimatums, please!)

Again, who do these uppity scum think they are?

Obstructing the Queen’s highways – that was how it used to be phrased, I think, but preventing law-abiding people going about their lawful business?

Going to work, going to school –  or college, in Cambridge! – or delivering goods, whether supplies to businesses or pizzas to customers who order them, all these everyday activities would be maliciously disrupted.



As I have said before, if liberal creeps in the courts are using legal loopholes to facilitate the Stinkos’ evil activities…



…then Home Secretary Priti Patel needs to amend the law by streamlining emergency legislation.

Put the Stinkos DOWN!